Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SAGmonkey was in Malibu this past weekend supporting the CNN Fit Nation Family!  Inspired by their amazing accomplishment ...simply amazing!

Triathlon is changing the lives of others one mile at a time!

Privileged to be a part of the family ...hanging out with CNN Athletic Director April Gellatly and World Champion Chrissie Wellington!   They have both made such an incredible contribution and positive impact on the CNN Six Pack ...congratulations to all !!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

SAGmonkey on Amgen Tour of California

SAGmonkey on tour!  

Check out the video of SAGmonkey on top of the 

Monkey Mobile during the first stage of the 

Amgen Tour of California

Coleman Valley Road


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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


The Composition of a SAGmonkey

SAGmonkey is a Modern Day Soigneur ...

In the sport of Professional Cycling, a Soigneur ("swan-yer") is a very important part of any team and plays an intricate role in their success.  The term Soigneur, is derived from the French and simply means to care for and to be of service to others.  At SAGmonkey, our role is to care for the needs of every athlete. 

Not only do we pack bags, prepare food, schedule flights, book hotels, drive the vans, hand up food and calm the nerves ...we also plan nutrition, handle all mechanical needs, do the laundry, drive between stages, provide support on the road, prepare all routes, coordinate all logistics of the ride, minor first aid, and of course the important massage after the day’s racing.

Quote by Buddha:
"A generous heart, kind speech and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity"  

Check out SAGmonkey in 3/GO Magazine articles “Need to know” & “Coast Ride”

Thursday, May 10, 2012


SAGmonkey on another Coast Ride

"Awesome 4 days riding down the coast. Thanks Chris Hauth of AIMP Coaching, Craig Upton of Performance Labs for planning it. SAG Monkey was Superb at providing Support, Gear, and Dinners. Great riding down with Golden Gate Triathlon Club friends and making new friends."

John Hayato Branderhorst

Check out the You Tube Video John made on his Go Pro!

Check out SAGmonkey in 3/GO Magazine articles “Need to know” & “Coast Ride”

Monday, March 5, 2012


Enterprise Will Keep America Vibrant Thanks To Operations Like SagMonkey

Enterpriseen·ter·prise/ˈentərˌprīz/ (From: Google) Noun:
  1. A project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort.
  2. Initiative and resourcefulness.
SAG Wagon: (From: wiseGeek)
“The origins of the term “sag wagon” are a topic for debate. Some cyclists believe that it is an acronym for “Support and Gear” or “Support Aid Group.” Others suggest that it may be related to distressed or weary cyclists “sagging”, or trailing behind the pack. In either case, the sag wagon can be a lifesaver for cyclists, since it carries everything from water to medical supplies. Many of the staff on board are cyclists themselves, sitting out an event for various reasons or simply enjoying the opportunity to help out.”
Hi folks,
Nick Nicastro, who has enterprisingly turned SAGing into a thriving business.
Nick Nicastro, who has enterprisingly turned SAGing into a thriving business.
It’s hard to write when you’re exhausted, and we have only completed day one of the Spring Training Camp. So, this will be brief, as we will all be climbing onto our bike saddles again in an hour or so, and you had better be ready or Coach Chris will be on your case. Another great group of athletes this year and a new SAG wagon run by Nick Nicastro, theSagMonkey. As you arrive at the camp motel Nick takes your bike box and puts your bike together, gives it the once over, oils the chain, mentions any issues, and you’re good to go. Here are a couple of photos from day one, which comprised an early morning swim coaching session, a fairly hard ride that included a serious climb, followed by a short run to ‘find your running legs.’ Then a great dinner, where there is a lot of triathlon talk.